Best Ice Tea Maker To Buy For A New Home

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Whether you want a new ice tea maker for your own home or you want to buy one for someone, there are a handful of tea makers you should be aware of  before making your final buy.

The first maker you should be made aware of would be the Krups Electric Tea Maker. This is the perfect buy for a new home. Some of the great features that come with this item include but are not limited to: not only does this maker produce traditional tea, but it also produces iced tea; there are very few tea makers that can do both.

This item also has several different water heating settings, so you can make the water as hot or as cold as you want it. It is also possible to keep the water hot up to one hour. In addition to this, the glass pitcher sets out different color signals so you know when the water is either boiling or done.

This product has been designed for you to easily clean it. The makers understood that making regular tea and iced tea could cause a mess. That’s why they chose to use materials that are very easy to clean.



Another great tea maker for a new home would be the West Band Iced Tea Maker. Being able to quickly make fresh and purified iced tea is always a great thing to do in a new home. The plastic pitcher that comes with this maker can contain up to a liter of tea.

This maker runs on electricity. It contains almost 800 watts when fully charged. This will keep the tea cold for many hours before it has to be charged again. You can set a timer so the maker knows when to stop. This is useful when you need to do things around the house without worrying about the pitcher overflowing.

A unique feature to this iced tea maker is the compartment for sugar or other sweeteners. You will be able to have great tasting iced tea without ever worrying about forgetting to put in sugar or sweetener. Another great thing is that every single customer receives a one-year warranty when they purchase this maker.


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The makers here have made the best home-warmer gifts for the kitchen. The recipients of these gifts love them a lot and could not ask for a better gift. You will also like to know that there are several other iced tea makers that are also great for a new home. The best place to search for these would be right here on this site. Just be sure to read reviews. The best quality and the lowest price should always be what you look for.