What Everyone Should Know About How To Get Free Samples

Everybody loves a freebie, so why not become a mystery shopper or product tester and enjoy using the goods you love at absolutely no cost? Product testing is a fantastic way of working with your favourite brands to make what they have to offer even better; not only are you providing a valuable consumer service, product testers UK wide can expect to enjoy fresh, exciting merchandise and even money off coupons and additional benefits. Take a look at how you can get involved in this rewarding and engaging pastime.

How to become a product tester

    • Product testers UK wide use specialist online sites which offer product testing opportunities. Some of these are administered by one of the bigger retail brands, whilst others are set up as consumer websites and offer an opportunity to test merchandise from a range of different manufacturers.
    • Sign up is usually free and it’s possible to accept work from several different sites at one time.
    • You will need to submit your contact details as well as fill in an online profile so that you can be matched against appropriate products (for example dog food testers clearly need to own a dog or two!).

How does product testing work?

    • When a testing campaign comes up, you will be alerted and usually need to apply for selection.
    • Application is usually through a short, online questionnaire. If successful, your goods will be mailed out to you, along with instructions on how to use them.
    • Feedback to manufacturers is vital, so remember to check how they want this to be undertaken.
    • Frequently you will need to fill in a questionnaire on your experiences and satisfaction with the product, or enlist friends and relatives to test it and submit their views also.

What’s needed for sustainable success?

    • Although demographic data plays a role in continued selection for product testing, demonstrating that you are able to follow test instructions and submit appropriate feedback is a great way of enhancing your desirability for more selective trials.
    • Remember that manufacturers want honest but constructive comments, so make sure your responses reflect this.

Everyday thousands of people are testing everything from cleaning products to food mixers, given to them by manufacturers who value their feedback. With so many different products available to test, there is almost always a trial you wi€™ll want to part of. If you like the idea of getting more of the brands you love for free, why not sign up to a product testing site and see what i€™s on offer?